Annual Management


  The “Annual Property Management” includes the following:

  • 1 FREE Airport Pick UP and Drop off per contract (once a year)
  •  Annual marketing on our web site - Marketing and advertising your property for rental purposes
  • Photographs of property taken for marketing/rental purposes
  • Inspection of the property every two weeks
  • Ensuring that the inside of the property is clean and tidy. Feel free to discuss with us your specific cleaning requirements.
  • Testing all appliances to ensure they are in good working order- incl. gas, electricity, light bulbs, security systems (if applicable), etc.
  • Air the property and schedule regular dehumidification sessions using either your in-house system equipment or a portable unit.
  • Ensure terraces and patio areas are tidy and water any indoor plants
  • Check the property for insect infestation, damp, water leaks, and ensure the doors / windows are secure
  • Flush the toilets and turn on taps to ensure water is running clean and correctly
  • April Spring clean –A full deep clean of the property includes: check and test all electrical goods, lights, fans, air conditioning units, windows / shutters, etc. The doors, covers and curtains will be cleaned. Terraces and patios will be washed / hosed down
  • Safe keeping of keys and providing access to the property for guests / suppliers subject to your prior authorization
  • 24 hours emergency call out / Concierge Service –Tailor made for individual clients needs and requests.
  • If floods or storms occur we will check the property for any signs of damage
  • Administration and payment of accounts (gas, electricity, condominium, etc.)
  • Collection and forwarding of mail from the property´s post box
  • Assisting with any insurance claims related to your particular property
  • Provide relevant reports for all of the above, either monthly or quarterly as preferred
  • Full inventory of the property’s contents. This information will be kept on file and will be available, in the event of theft or breakage, for insurance claim purposes.

We are not rental agents we do not let your property and we charge no commission on your rentals